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The best customer service. The biggest selection of fireworks. The lowest prices.

Our company is more than just another average fireworks retailer. We carefully curate our product selection with YOU in mind. Not only do we stock top quality products, but we strive give our customers a positive shopping experience every time by adhering to these values and ensuring no deviation from perfection.

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We think about the convenience of your choice. Browse our entire product catalog, with pricing, product descriptions, and product performance videos on your schedule. Create a shopping list online and your in-store experience is a breeze.

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When you reserve your order online, we will confirm it with you by phone, pull & pack your order, and having it waiting for you to pick up when you want. It's really that easy!

Responsive support

Our average customer starts their fireworks shopping experience not knowing as much as we do about fireworks. We like to change that and make sure you know what we know! This way, you get exactly what you're looking for to light up the skies for your next celebration.


Amber bitmoji

Assistant Manager

I'm a dedicated and driven fireworks enthusiast with over 4 years in the bidness!
Billey bitmoji

Store Manager

As a fireworks veteran, I'm here to help you with your firework needs...after coffee!
Chantel bitmoji

Community Strategist

I love coming up with crazy-awesome marketing ideas and executing them with explosive results! Red Apple is the best and so are its amazing customers!
Doug bitmoji

Pyro Boss | West Coast

I'm proud to be part of the Red Apple team and I love everything fireworks! #ilovefireworks
Elissa bitmoji

Queen of Everything

OG Pyro Queen since the beginning! I love to work with our phenomenal crew and boom-tastic customers!
Estaban bitmoji

Digital Artist

I have a passion for creating pixel perfect digital art!
Gine bitmoji

District Manager

I'm a hardworking merchandising guru who is committed to my job, with 7 years of pyro-experience!
Justin bitmoji

Digital Strategist

I enjoy mountain biking and being outdoors - excited to be a part of the Red Apple team!
Jeremy bitmoji

Warehouse | West Coast

I am an expert in all things pyrotechnics! I move the product from A to B and handle everything in between.
Leigha bitmoji

Team Leader

I'm a committed fireworks pro with a love of anything that booms! Always willing to help.
Mike bitmoji

Pyro Boss | East Coast

I grew up in the fireworks business and couldn't imagine doing anything else! #ilovefireworks
Nonna bitmoji

Communication Ambassador

I have a passion for fireworks, technology & helping people! My favorite firework to launch is the Calavera® 58 Shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®!
Ross bitmoji

Regional Manager

I'm a pyro-pro, and I love everything fireworks! I'm an expert in our entire product line.
Doug bitmoji

Inventory Guru

I'm a nerd with a knack for anything music and technology. Love helping and teaching!