As 2019 begins in full swing, Red Apple® announces its brand-spanking-new rewards program!

Welcome to PYROcoin™, y’all!

In anticipation of a stellar year, we’ve decided to give everyone the opportunity to get some free $#!T just for showing us some love online! That’s right, just like our Do This, Get This deal for the awesome customers who visit us in-store and check in online, the PYROcoin™ rewards program ensures every person around the country can get their hands on some sweet, sweet Red Apple® Swag for doing the $#!T you all were gonna do anyway!

You receive PYROcoin™ for completing social actions and for interacting with Red Apple® online! For instance, liking us on Facebook gets you free PYROcoin™! Referring a friend to Red Apple® gets you even more PYROcoin™! Did that friend place an order at Red Apple®? HAVE A $#!T-TON OF PYROcoin!!

What is PYROcoin™ good for, you may ask? All the current items are below!

And this is just what we have in-store right now! We are constantly creating new Swag items for the #Pyrosquad, so keep collecting your PYROcoin™ so you can be the PYROcoin™ master and get one of everything Red Apple®!

Here’s all the $#!T you can do to get your PYROcoin™ and start loading up your Red Apple® Swag Bag for free, #Pyrosquad!

  • Create an account at
  • Like Red Apple® on Facebook
  • Share a Red Apple® post on Facebook
  • Retweet a Red Apple® post on Twitter
  • Pin a Red Apple® post on Pinterest
  • Like Red Apple® on Google
  • Write a product review on
  • Place an order online for Red Apple® fireworks
  • Refer a friend and get PYROcoin™ for stuff your friend does, too!

We love all the love the #Pyrosquad shows Red Apple® on the reg, so we want to give love back to you all! Do $#!T, get $#!T and show it off to your friends! We promise they’ll be jelly!

How many PYROcoin™ are you gonna rack up today?